Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jury Rig and Jerry Built announce the birth of their son, Jerry Rig

Jerry Rig was born in 1959. His father, Jury Rig and his mother, Jerry Built came together in a rather unusual way.

Jury Rig, born in 1788, spawned from the sea. His name might be a shortened version of Injury Rig . He quickly builds temporary sails from available supplies when the main sail on a ship takes damage. He also constructs a variety of ingenious things.

Jerry Built, born in 1909, is a very slight woman, unsubstantial and cheap. She does not necessarily build quickly, as her lover and son, but she builds very sloppily.

Unlike his father Jury, Jerry is crude and improvises at the last minute. He builds more permanent structures than his father, but is less qualified at his work. Jerry gets many of his negative qualities from his mother.

Note: The proper spellings of these phrases are jerry-rig, jury-rig, and jerry-built. I used capitalized versions to create the semblance of names.

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  1. Lol, I loved this little story.

    I have heard before about injury rig as related to sailing. My understanding is that this term was used for when the main sail mast needed to be repaired from whatever could be found on the ship. Because the main mast was so large, it was impossible to carry a spare, as ships did with many other parts. Thus, a ship without a main mast was in truly desperate straights, for suitable replacements could not always be found.


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