Monday, August 29, 2011

Your Decision

I feel myself slipping, my feet sliding under sand.
Your hands reach out to steady me before I fall too far.
You warned me. I can't count how many times you warned me.
But the current is dragging me away, pulling.
I want to swim. I want to prove to you that I can swim
with or without you holding my hand.

I still feel high on moonlit dancing.
That night we waded, out under a million dark stars.
Our white skin glistened like rocks so easily broken,
Specks of sand clinging to our naked legs and arms.
I wonder now if you are still listening.

A song started in my heart.
It beats double-time against my ribs.
In my every waking moment, I hear it singing,
And it calls me back to the water,
To wash away the salt of my tears.

I never knew the definition of lonely,
Until you dug a hole in me so deep
It can never be filled again.

I hold this, our secret,
Though everyone can see it
In the hunger on our lips.
I walk into the water, the waves lifting my skirts,
The current catching me up in turbulence,
My hair wild in the wind.

The decision is yours.
Will you rescue me?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Feels good to be easily irritated

Our government is - today - the cutest job to watch.
So if anything new runs after the icecream truck,
open mic starts taking my brain out of my head.
Minecraft prepared me for the history of this place.
Everyone who made it came over,
Rick-rolled twice and looked at strollers.
The tetris block has fallen to break free.
Feels good to be easily irritated by happy birthday greetings,
and Friday night baking sucks.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turtle love has a piece of pig in it

Try to flush the stones for breakfast.
Housekeeping comes at 2.
No daycare today, so my girlies are going to
shower, eat, and then head to the pub.
Is this what being a mother feels like?

Oatmeal is like underwear.

Here are the rules:
1. Know the taste/texture of meat.
2. Plunge in the first five minutes.
3. I can do it better.
Now to drive myself to work.

Turtle love has a piece of pig in it.

Trading multi tasking to step down for
long lady days.
Ready for tonight?
I am humbled, now stop being so fussery!
Back to Canadian bed and we'll glow,
get pepper sprayed, and play pong.

Life's not in text words, off the bars, discovered.
On account of apathy, I'm taking the girls
to a wedding on Wednesday.
My sister is being admitted this weekend.

Why do banana walnut muffins rise before my alarm?

Everything on feelings, love, and donations is happy.
Just have a conversation.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Naked people have little or no influence

Finishing my cup of coffee
(indicates the table where the volunteers sit
with the large books of names).
Anyone else notice that regressives are all doom and gloom?
then heading out to the farmer's market.
Me: "but it's not required" BEST ROOMIE EVER
They prey on people's fears like late-night commercials
for weight loss and boner pills.

Does anyone agree with me that the bookstore stinks?
I'm in a very good mood for them,
him: "" That's why I'm gonna be
buying my books from Amazon this year.

Ok, create your own homemande pizza,
pots & pans, starting August 22 pizza crusts
& a tea kettle will be on sale at SuperValue.
And I kind of feel like sharing me:
"So you DON'T need it." The sky is always falling.

Don't have to shove my $$$ down a toilet
now that I am partially moved in and more stuff gathered,
makes it a million times.
Clothes make the man. Him: ""
And they only seem to celebrate when they "win" elections
or take away the rights of some group
or another on 80th Street.
Naked people have little or no influence in society.

Me: "no." Don't have to stand in line for
you know 'bout an hour...
Here is my updated need list in Kenosha.
Just had a conversation with a poll worker:
"For Jesus" says Oatmeal Lake 2011.
Living room chair is here!
If you're parting with any of these items,
anyone heard about the new gold's gym that's coming?
Decided to be a "rebel" elderly gentleman volunteer:
"...and we'll need to see an ID."

Why is depressing paranoia so popular?
Bookcase/shelves let me know I'm thinking of joining.
Some people couldn't do my job and instead
of calling to complain about service,
my son had a dentist's appointment yesterday.
Me: "you'll NEED to see it?" Lamps.

Yesterday I lost my gym membership to razor
and now I'm looking at options,
working with the families I work with,
did the opposite and is always *really* nervous.
Him: "well, it'll make things go a lot faster up there."
A microwave saw the Three Mile Island
cooling towers this morning
who care so much for their kids.

The same small club that just swaps plums

A little like being a turd in a punchbowl,
blissfully participating in
the American civic religion of statism.
A downer, a crank, a loonie, a jerk,
a positive evil about uncomfortable facts,
the indistinguishable nature of large vested interests.

Their state-enabled exploitation,
the same small club that just swaps plums.
Electronic voting gizmos bully and plunder us
with abandon, and you'd rather we had
a dictatorship experienced as an
emotional act, willful denial.
To murderously lord it over the entire planet,
one particular region of tyranny,
like a badge of moral superiority.

Border on zero, also bright blue
adding to the pile, despite his high negatives.
Math makes a pretty cut.
Expressive voting decreases my impact.
The corrupt crowd will suddenly stop stealing.

Splashing a seductive performance,
prompting deep thoughts,
dragged herself out under durress,
her one and only, she said mournfully.

One of the lower matchups, this earth judging,
like he did in that clip.
As much of a cunt as he currently is,
gassing up like a legend.
Go outside of this small circle once in a while.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I am broker wearing normal clothes

WI state districts get errands done.
Phones HATE the process.
It's true what Rascal had.
Have decided, guys, to do the musical number.
Realising my day started in "Gamer," down again.
Will never understand why the interview went well.
12 and 22 growing her hair.
They say the lake rebels out on the new song, "Pine Sol."
Should know better.
I wish I saw a girl.
I am broker wearing normal clothes.
Make sure to check out 39%.
How I love beautiful weather out!
Pragnancy emotions and/or instead of women being concerned.
Not only did the wrong foot channel, it is fantastic to wear the vote in Kenosha.
Get out and grill out with cravings...
Urr...calling to complain with their age.
He walked along when I spilled grammar.
White to orientation today, then broke and a fake teacher.
Vote TODAY, my honey...
Well at least no matter what service did this, the beach cranberry juice is everywhere.
Subscribe, and feel thee anyone.
But if I asked Liam somewhere...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sorry, I've got my exclamation point this week

I have always wondered why they call it a period. I know it refers to a "period of time" but, as a grammar & language geek, I think about it in terms of punctuation. More accurate would be a comma, a dash, an exclamation mark. Definitely not a period.

Maybe for some women it is a period. Just one spot of blood and then you're done. Maybe for some it is like ellipses, a few days of drops and then none. For some people it might be a long dash or a short hyphen. It could even be a colon or semi-colon, split up but short in duration. For me, probably an exclamation point.

One day to announce itself, and then the rest of the week to plague me. I would hate to see a question mark.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Will Remember

I miss
I'd (entity): Poetics
716: Fine Art
and the Nook.

I miss shouting poetry in a cafe so loud
that people walking in
walked right the fuck back out.

I miss stripping down to my swimsuit
in the middle of winter,
telling everybody how Wisconsinites
need to be nudists (they really do).

I miss tearing apart a giant hummus plate
and wearing hats to cover the fact that
I'd chopped off all my hair
because I thought that was what lesbians did.

I miss Nicolas Michael Ravnikar
& Nicky Poo & Jonathan
(who was what he ate).
I miss Dayvin's exquisite corpse,
David's candlelit gallery,
& Sarah's madwoman poetry.
I miss Anna Leslie who ran off to the West
& Colleen & Jenny who ran off
together to the East.

But I'm only dropping names
because they are far too heavy
for me to carry.

And with each new incarnation,
each place takes its own shape.
And here we are at Tg's
making all kinds of new memories.

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
Don't let your love pass you by
waiting up for the memory.