Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turtle love has a piece of pig in it

Try to flush the stones for breakfast.
Housekeeping comes at 2.
No daycare today, so my girlies are going to
shower, eat, and then head to the pub.
Is this what being a mother feels like?

Oatmeal is like underwear.

Here are the rules:
1. Know the taste/texture of meat.
2. Plunge in the first five minutes.
3. I can do it better.
Now to drive myself to work.

Turtle love has a piece of pig in it.

Trading multi tasking to step down for
long lady days.
Ready for tonight?
I am humbled, now stop being so fussery!
Back to Canadian bed and we'll glow,
get pepper sprayed, and play pong.

Life's not in text words, off the bars, discovered.
On account of apathy, I'm taking the girls
to a wedding on Wednesday.
My sister is being admitted this weekend.

Why do banana walnut muffins rise before my alarm?

Everything on feelings, love, and donations is happy.
Just have a conversation.

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