Monday, December 19, 2011

Unsure of the Words

Hitting the reset button
Jacking back to a past of fast
Relationships, shipping overseas tease
Tantric tantrums, intense release
Bubbly noise bursts from lips
Candlelit moans, moving fingertips

Now weight lays heavy upon my body
Unable to move, to think, to breathe
Spending all my money on alcohol
To put my brain to sleep
To forget these taut-slapping
Intense fantasy memories

A new, timid voice calls to me
And I answer, quiet
Unsure of the words I have heard
Then I dip below vibratto
Hang there like a plucked cello string
Fading slowly

I fear I will scare you with my intensity
I fear I will scare you with my melody
It often slips out of tune

Will you still listen then
When notes of sorrow creep back in?
When I cannot sing as sweet?
When the refrain remains but
The rhythm loses its beat?

I hope so. I hope so. I hope so.
I hope.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A friend's bush full of futsal

Dear Zynga, fix yesterday. It is easier, whenever I start.
I now own a tough day, a construction project.
The huz is out of  the awesome ZUMBA gold.
Why should I? Apparently, in reading up on my son, I must ask
Please! Is this for 10 days? I have been here now.
"I'm not going as Yusuf...just as Cat Stevens."
Couldn't find a completed manuscript.

Farmville, STOP judging out-of-town work from home.
I think to save just 3 facts.
Office people are very Sims Social...I tiptoe through life.
The widely stateside is real good, as ever.
Listening to him only to arrive was my favorite,
A piece of myself, "what would punchable faces have to trim?"
And Mom is in the car, safely at death HAVING QUESTS!!
The 12-0 Packers, unknown int'l sport,
A friend's bush full of futsal till due date.

Waiting for a long job today, so live by donating.
Fruit snacks are always a first.
To understand Imhotep, do time, enjoy being home
Doing blood like crack. SQUEEE! Tribal belly dance -
Time for everything. Are we going? When we're in, back to basics,
In heaven, some hot mess Barbie on her way lately, playing Lexulous.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Staring at the broken thermostat

I burn so hot I scald the spot where my fingertips last touched you,
But then I cool and freeze below zero degrees,
A solid, unbreakable cube.

You chip away at frozen fragments holding me here,
But only a summer sun can make me melt, make me feel heat again.
Until then, I will not bend to your whims.