Monday, March 28, 2011

On the Lunatic Cycle

The word “lunatic” is closely related to “lunar” and the cycles of the moon. Think werewolves, my friend. The movement of the moon, particularly its gravitational pull upon the tides, and how full it appears in the evening sky. And why is it that a woman's menstrual cycle often coincides with the cycles of the moon?

Two women in close proximity to one another are more likely to have similar menstrual cycles. It doesn't matter if they are related or good friends to one another or have any real connection. Just that they spend a large amount of time together. They start cycling at the same time.

There are so many kinds of cycles that relate or seem to relate to one another. It has been considered by some that other cycles might be connected. Like the cycles of bipolar disorder, people who get on the same ups and downs at the same times. Maybe we are more connected than we will admit, more than we want to be. Because if we admit these connections, it is harder for us to maintain distance from our enemies.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rockability old-school mix of emo, hipster bullshit

I've always been a “gee whiz” kid a few decades behind the common vernacular, but now that I've come to understand my place in this space, I kinda likes it. I might always be a few steps behind the line between being cool and feeling like a fish, clammy hands and all. I might always be a little bit rockabilly old-school mix of emo, hipster bullshit. I might always be asking for more time-outs in the chair so made for me that it molds to my butt cheeks.

For explanation purposes, allow me to divulge:

1.In middle-school science, when we learned about cleavage, I couldn't understand why everyone snickered. It just explained the way rocks broke evenly. It had nothing to do with the breasts resting underneath the evenly cut diamond, which displayed wonderful cleavage in the movie we watched.

2.Gullible really was written on the ceiling of the instrument locker room. I looked. But I still looked every single other time someone told me it was written on the ceiling both before and after I learned what the word “gullible” meant.

3.A friend of mine regularly referred to himself in the third person all throughout high school, so when I indulge myself you better be paying attention because the Holy Trifecta of Kaitlyn is a lot more difficult to deal with than just one of me.

4.A symptom still in effect: I have a habit of taking things extremely literally, like if you tell me you have a pet puppy that lives in your basement, never sees the light of day, and eats his own poo – I will demand to see that puppy, and even upon further investigation, will ask where you chose to hide said puppy when I threaten to call animal control or PETA on your sorry butt.

This may be a continuing series, if I so decide. That's another of my habits. Forcing my ideas upon people like some horrible contagious disease.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Okay, kiddo, you're overly kind!

Let's switch it up. Instead of analyzing the definitions of okay, O.K. and OK, I will just admit that it doesn't really matter. Its a damn waste of my time, quite frankly. But what does interest me is which one other people choose to use when they type it out. So...quick survey, with a few sidenotes.

Usually you don't see it written out as "okay." Although I see OK used often, like OK Cupid (the dating site) and OK! (the magazine). I prefer O.K. but I always want to imagine that the letters themselves stand for something else like "okay, kiddo!" or "overly kind."

Want to give your feedback? Answer the survey below.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Conundrum pounding out okay

A conundrum to be discussed in greater depth soon:
Why are okay, OK, and O.K. synonymous and if O.K. is an actual abbreviation, what is it an abbreviation for? Wikipedia has some answers but we all know how reliable that information can be.

Wikipedia's take on okay, OK, and O.K.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Damn words doing well

What do you say when you can't find the words to describe what you want to say? I've had these moments more frequently in the past few weeks. As I wrote once, it's sad when a poet can't find her words.

This time, though, I don't think its sad. Not really. It just means what I have experienced is so intense that words can't explain it. For me, it is ususally emotion. This intense, ridiculous type of emotion like bliss, euphoria, satiation, ellation - or the other end - rage, agitation, passion, irritation.

All of them are two sides of one coin and I wish I could just glide along the edge of that dime. Then I would be just fine, between the extremes. And then maybe I would have the words to say exactly what I mean.

Allow me to share an anecdote:
I went through a phase when I was a grammar Nazi toward everyone - even myself. When people would casually ask me "How are you?" I would spend time contemplating the most appropriate response. "Fine" didn't work for me because you can't "do fine." What I came up with was "well."

But then they would stare at me because they expected "fine," and they definitely didn't expect the pause before I answered with "well". Damn words. They build me up just to watch me fall.