Friday, July 29, 2011

Add eggs to Benedryl

I'm getting psyched my face hurts : ) Awww
play I'd just waked up to discover how to see?
It's a pretty biopsy this morning. I am surprised
a good day an hour after the hospital
Gaah day celebrating my allergy list!
swollen shut and all is cruel punishment
bud Johnny holding these guys. I pee a little
one and hives all last week, I work

Hooray! Khalakka has a wine glass yeah baby
and eat/drink until we are working It's ok
add eggs to Benedryl eyes are over his trunk
Black Cofffee) officially been given crack/call
little choked up "Yep. And what with such a

Happy Black Art Day! You have a poem, wise
Had a wonderful help by cleaning Dante didn't
on that! to paint Fedors bad mood. Time better
night of my having a gig also pays
short discussion about big bucks (like
freestyle out they name national holiday
the gig will think the Universe of those

be in a Woot! I need a Technical College in
Mom is out Woo! Hopefully I am "Packing/Moving
don't wake up as one of the subs involved
(everything is). The qualifications required
class at Gateway is not communication
been frustrating you? & it almost made me

up to play can plus the first episode of
mood before enjoying the day also makes it
girl wash her own mighty morphin power
son's birthday. Got your son." I'm still
when I asked a phenomenal kid. : ) drop
20). times over the just had one at work

keys for Larry and I almost found another
to do some work. Driivving takes forever!!
tonight at 8 imitable Scotty on my
I love Larry's drums. If they go hang with
for the first Racine. it is playing a ice-breaker
than a better Inferno. Friday September 9th
Key West. : ( bad day at figuring out
what is or wants me in something that's

boyfriend's couch by shattering a ranger!
is because I'm all he had this time.
stuff and he's nothing new there (AKA
my best butt! Boo: She should be a nail
Oral Interpersonal Communications at 6:00 pm
down bottom end woke me up permission to
as only he wouldn't let me laugh so much

someone is full! running around. See more
if I can and he said, so very blessed to do
Hemingway has shown every one of
up randomly several of those moments where
as he was trying to find the simple answer

What I was doing 8 yrs old up in the fish sandwich

I need to Care For Kids. I believe they
Train Your 8 yr old...I WANT STEAK!"
Hoping the storms take the kids. I've been
Safety House @ the world! trying to learn
good morning fb. I didn't really work always.
Grace Lutheran Church is showing "How
Dragon." : )

this piece for making me have
and want to be a Virgin" was just thinking about
what I was doing 8 yrs old up in the fish sandwich
it meant so much though... my cubicle! Moving
made better by learning to cook for so many
years... Thank you Madonna though I suppose
we haven't yet!!! ; )

when "Like a Name Plaque" played.
Has NIN ever taught a man for a day
that wasn't sexy? Teach a man that nigga
my future hubby : )

So I've decided to FREE
Movies and Glee for a conversation without...
Don't remember just got a world!
made a song by fishing, he eats to fish,
he eats Indian dishes will hold off where dear friend
will sell you that fish I really wish : )

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I can't believe my hand

I can't believe my hand, share it instead of telling,
about to embark like a boss who's got an idea
in hand. It's an awesome meatloaf recipe switching
time, went on a covert clean up, isle so hopefully.
When Jaguar driving Thursday and Friday,
my mission is someone who rides lanes tomorrow.

He wakes up tiptoeing into my hate, when a motorcycle
how they make turns, or stay on your car's can fast!
A special day to share? Don't side with him,
he'll be surprised! My pants yo, just raise
your stop faster than you care about.
Last day at my son's room with pulling out.
Keep your eyes on someone who rides.

For him tomorrow I shart :/ dangerous as it is
on the road on the...road. Ahh, thunder,
especially turning corners and OFF your don't.
Follow too a motocycle, please, the clinic.
The balloons and streamers look twice before
a drive repost. SHARE closely, bikes can be heading
to Racine CELL phones! If the ROAD you disabled for
...can't tell you I am not -- I am SUPERabled.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The debt ceiling crashing into the stadium

Good morning, Dad.

Let's go to the YMCA and talk about John Boehner, who looks like a leathery Muppet. Now that there is going to be a season a few weeks from now, everyone can get stuff done with pig skins and pads and their shins. As long as the debt ceiling doesn't come crashing into the stadium. I somehow finished the mountain of dishes. About to make some fantasy football bids.

Soon I will be the only person in my department debating YOUR and YOU'RE - learn the difference! Sometimes I want to be like a cat person, really immature, beating up sluts. For those that have been asking: this is one of those moments when I feel like I need to get away from Wisconsin. Even I forget to punctuate and abbreviate properly. This is where I ask: Do all cats have a sixth toe on their front paws?

I got to go to bitchin rock shelters in Canada a couple days ago. It's complete now; here it is. What a good morning!

Go on now. I am closing my wall to just about everyone. Even my boyfriend on Facebook. Nothing personal.

P. S. Guess who officially got taken out for a spin!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Know how any good suggestion tastes

1. Be vague.
2. Read Frank's apparently excited status.
3. To update on this, see line 3.
4. Play August at Super Do-Better.
5. Discover that angry market-about eyesore with any Wisconsinite in the ridiculous wonder of yore.
6. Find out why the next us is nature, an awkward camper.
7. Eat natural things of food, eat Kenosha, eat things.
8. Network up like the time star.
9. Saturday, with that back-way morning, know how any good suggestion tastes.
10. Solve a casting comment we are all about at the hotel YMCA.
11. Mark in black here another square year atmosphere.
12. On that problem, you and everybody in Chicago on Sunday come in again.
13. Shout with the people.
14. On our afternoon morning, tell friends now coming to get back when you give 3-4 lists.
15. Stuff Emma with - here's it for what it, my better, what.
16. With more done, be us, just as it is for we bought these tasks.
17. Ask for gas, for a good boyfriend.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ground up, just beef to textbooks on the seat

I'm Polpettone, 16. I'm long so Ripieno is my son.
I recover hard and come in loveseats,
tired recently of my son boiled, yeah if good eggs.
I decided the weeks people started that conclusion:
forgot recovering and 4 George to celebrate the addition.
I want that again.

We surrounded every two tired days with something I ate.
I'm free from Martin's day, relaxing to it.
She loves me leading a game and going first of throwns,
ground up, just beef to text books on the seat. Think it.
Celebrate people, the Italians have gone.
I'm so sausage, I dish a nice comfort to decide this.
It doesn't really chase the day and food,
nice to be recently mesh curb, clearly that beatiful guy leading.

For if up well before morning, to the corner to be with you,
to give the world, that's with WANT of you, okay?
Reading, celebrate Sunday, our want "normal."

Seven huge Italian people, something every holiday,
and pine and birthday, and later have spinach, a mouse.
Why nothing this week - a day booked west with why -
bend me to cookie without procuitto, then
an offer of provolone, settled leading.

Friday, July 22, 2011

McDoucherson wanted a day to poop

Double haha!
Dear 30 excited douchy quizzes,
Yes, what I seriously love is that McDoucherson wanted a day to poop.

There is no May morning to get beautiful good. When rainbows matter, are sunsets why I open so good? So go take my yes, find this song. It absolutely out-scams 2 keyless puppy challenges. At System Bahaii, all staff don't mother. We are becoming a loving morning where nature grows. Was the entry in this storm closed?

Try for members. I only friend the very best two with way more going on the way to famous system kittens and something far. I even woke remote Whitewater to wake for a tight different start up pop.

Post it if we got up tomorrow coupling this. You're ever born a day late. Style then to tell them since yesterday here's loose. Would you do coupling, honey? The Will I love decided pictures in gag.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the scotch grandma

People! Someone! Hey, anyone!
I just will fire a free thanks told by a douchebag
who will endure feather letters if by today you're Wilsons.
I went to Eagle One sleeping.
I need coffee then, to feel I've gone.
This, like my damn burger dad and me,
is lakefront for those never having tea,
something really wearing a can.
Storm going from brave special knit
with my wee rolling cap that do to me
who I nip during storm.
To nothing of want today,
to else in the scotch grandma.
Possibly heard good 104 update.
Please schmooze-o-rama morning degree,
follow any world through weather.
Their excuse of exactly that hair,
stood for what Katie on Milaukee from Facebook.
Crap my rest. End of tonight, drinking thermometer life,
got read before tonight, scared.
I stayed at disapproval statuses inside
and you like the car, so wear this time
the real-woman shorts. I always
keep at the cutest guy, to have every lakefront thing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am father to the brave microwave

When all thought is good, how a need grows!
This is going great. New grief did the guy my way.
To you authors just considering photos,
I am father to the brave microwave.
She knows who I look to, Taco Bell new theory.

Miss Possible Amazon is the cutest disapproval running, judging.
Prepare, going like you look against the bed.
This thing starts tomorrow and I already
have a friend's rented happy,
should never wear Don Draper's stop.

Can't busy baby Wirch sleep?

This is good, is for the hour.
I am all-day adorable, five o'clock morning.
Buy shorts, sneezing a weak Milwaukee hooka,
hoping that and that.

Will our leftovers just shadow someone?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Me, shit, and the first smoking recruiter

Had a meeting in 2011
to backdrop the Florida sky
to free every recent "do not quit,"
holy with the diving comedies.
Their good deal or scary airforce is like
me, shit, and the first smoking recruiter.
Salary today: these single-morning U.S. Presidents,
no salary cigarettes. Even my state is good.
I will require the flowers retired.

Try the 26th movie, got one house
doing more smut, the drug testing.
Boo. I lost this august and q101.
That lavendar is looking ready for a fuck,
like when applying to see thirty blues
for an episode. Little tired.

Hello, pure great 19. Are you applying that heat?
Want romance for that juliette-time party?

Airplane to publish beat

I and the Google + stylist got cutting Facebook today
after watching an angry episode wherever Twilight
unemploys hairy lions in my zone.
Simultaneously, the other class tried to crash
me and an old lady, sending China a 2/3 economy.
Slowing the "social networking" of a farmhouse,
a little alien visited the party.
Students asked layers (but how long?) they had gotten
while home mist surges.

Early reminder: they're from Wisconsin.

I can't get it on me.
It's system is slinky and would get just me, the only of my soul.
This made a state take-down, each time a hit until I go down,
but is it the last?
I opened one giant door, far-spaced.
Can the ex-husband find that best fucking place?
Airplane to publish beat.
Think to their conversation. Bitch it about.
Snow feeds the heat between my might.

It's on creepy. I'd take being over this Twitter doctor, son.
Who's going venturing?

Monday, July 18, 2011

A poem on clingy sauna protest

This poem was written using words stolen from friends' Facebook statuses today:

Scott, I park as God is that current.
I ride around it. He thrilled it,
my friend who can go turns, and Angie
dodged outside, wrote on the felt:
"How out are our needs, Walker?"
Deal her protesters; I run about.

Don't include a boyfriend early,
with first the streetcar, then the week.
Got the need to exercise me.
A gift - Shalom - of heat,
but the worry center project for salons
arrived about today. Austin was spa don't.
He's published at Better Hair Class.

I like losing one, went on to cut good
and left, feeling my thanks to the morning.
John is verse, like the accommodation
starting in gym, everyone.
I better look forward, my day today.
York the holy stepped yesterday into my Hell.
Tonight, today, Wisconsin.

Its website week, out into yikes, cat and you.
One is hot. Two look right sick.
A poem on clingy sauna protest
when my article on Mansfield
proved too much.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An attempt at humor was newly doted

Finding little on the wheres and whyfores of using "on" after "dote." This word just can't seem to stand alone! However, I did find a few other interesting tidbits about the origins of this word.

"Dote," meaning "to be infatuated with" or "to be excessively fond of" came into its modern usage in the 15th century. It originates from the Middle Low German or Dutch "doten" meaning "to be silly or foolish." Another lesser-known meaning of "dote" is "to be feeble-minded" as from age. This amuses me because I am not used to hearing "dote" in a negative light. For me, it has always had a positive connotation.

On a random side note, the word "dote" also sounds very similar to "DotA" which is an acronym for World of Warcraft's Defense of the Ancients. DotA also features prominently in a very addictive song by Basshunter about using Ventrilo while playing WoW - yes, someone actually wrote a song about that. It's entitled "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA" (the song's in Swedish).