Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The debt ceiling crashing into the stadium

Good morning, Dad.

Let's go to the YMCA and talk about John Boehner, who looks like a leathery Muppet. Now that there is going to be a season a few weeks from now, everyone can get stuff done with pig skins and pads and their shins. As long as the debt ceiling doesn't come crashing into the stadium. I somehow finished the mountain of dishes. About to make some fantasy football bids.

Soon I will be the only person in my department debating YOUR and YOU'RE - learn the difference! Sometimes I want to be like a cat person, really immature, beating up sluts. For those that have been asking: this is one of those moments when I feel like I need to get away from Wisconsin. Even I forget to punctuate and abbreviate properly. This is where I ask: Do all cats have a sixth toe on their front paws?

I got to go to bitchin rock shelters in Canada a couple days ago. It's complete now; here it is. What a good morning!

Go on now. I am closing my wall to just about everyone. Even my boyfriend on Facebook. Nothing personal.

P. S. Guess who officially got taken out for a spin!

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