Friday, July 29, 2011

Add eggs to Benedryl

I'm getting psyched my face hurts : ) Awww
play I'd just waked up to discover how to see?
It's a pretty biopsy this morning. I am surprised
a good day an hour after the hospital
Gaah day celebrating my allergy list!
swollen shut and all is cruel punishment
bud Johnny holding these guys. I pee a little
one and hives all last week, I work

Hooray! Khalakka has a wine glass yeah baby
and eat/drink until we are working It's ok
add eggs to Benedryl eyes are over his trunk
Black Cofffee) officially been given crack/call
little choked up "Yep. And what with such a

Happy Black Art Day! You have a poem, wise
Had a wonderful help by cleaning Dante didn't
on that! to paint Fedors bad mood. Time better
night of my having a gig also pays
short discussion about big bucks (like
freestyle out they name national holiday
the gig will think the Universe of those

be in a Woot! I need a Technical College in
Mom is out Woo! Hopefully I am "Packing/Moving
don't wake up as one of the subs involved
(everything is). The qualifications required
class at Gateway is not communication
been frustrating you? & it almost made me

up to play can plus the first episode of
mood before enjoying the day also makes it
girl wash her own mighty morphin power
son's birthday. Got your son." I'm still
when I asked a phenomenal kid. : ) drop
20). times over the just had one at work

keys for Larry and I almost found another
to do some work. Driivving takes forever!!
tonight at 8 imitable Scotty on my
I love Larry's drums. If they go hang with
for the first Racine. it is playing a ice-breaker
than a better Inferno. Friday September 9th
Key West. : ( bad day at figuring out
what is or wants me in something that's

boyfriend's couch by shattering a ranger!
is because I'm all he had this time.
stuff and he's nothing new there (AKA
my best butt! Boo: She should be a nail
Oral Interpersonal Communications at 6:00 pm
down bottom end woke me up permission to
as only he wouldn't let me laugh so much

someone is full! running around. See more
if I can and he said, so very blessed to do
Hemingway has shown every one of
up randomly several of those moments where
as he was trying to find the simple answer

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