Monday, July 18, 2011

A poem on clingy sauna protest

This poem was written using words stolen from friends' Facebook statuses today:

Scott, I park as God is that current.
I ride around it. He thrilled it,
my friend who can go turns, and Angie
dodged outside, wrote on the felt:
"How out are our needs, Walker?"
Deal her protesters; I run about.

Don't include a boyfriend early,
with first the streetcar, then the week.
Got the need to exercise me.
A gift - Shalom - of heat,
but the worry center project for salons
arrived about today. Austin was spa don't.
He's published at Better Hair Class.

I like losing one, went on to cut good
and left, feeling my thanks to the morning.
John is verse, like the accommodation
starting in gym, everyone.
I better look forward, my day today.
York the holy stepped yesterday into my Hell.
Tonight, today, Wisconsin.

Its website week, out into yikes, cat and you.
One is hot. Two look right sick.
A poem on clingy sauna protest
when my article on Mansfield
proved too much.

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