Friday, July 29, 2011

What I was doing 8 yrs old up in the fish sandwich

I need to Care For Kids. I believe they
Train Your 8 yr old...I WANT STEAK!"
Hoping the storms take the kids. I've been
Safety House @ the world! trying to learn
good morning fb. I didn't really work always.
Grace Lutheran Church is showing "How
Dragon." : )

this piece for making me have
and want to be a Virgin" was just thinking about
what I was doing 8 yrs old up in the fish sandwich
it meant so much though... my cubicle! Moving
made better by learning to cook for so many
years... Thank you Madonna though I suppose
we haven't yet!!! ; )

when "Like a Name Plaque" played.
Has NIN ever taught a man for a day
that wasn't sexy? Teach a man that nigga
my future hubby : )

So I've decided to FREE
Movies and Glee for a conversation without...
Don't remember just got a world!
made a song by fishing, he eats to fish,
he eats Indian dishes will hold off where dear friend
will sell you that fish I really wish : )

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