Thursday, July 28, 2011

I can't believe my hand

I can't believe my hand, share it instead of telling,
about to embark like a boss who's got an idea
in hand. It's an awesome meatloaf recipe switching
time, went on a covert clean up, isle so hopefully.
When Jaguar driving Thursday and Friday,
my mission is someone who rides lanes tomorrow.

He wakes up tiptoeing into my hate, when a motorcycle
how they make turns, or stay on your car's can fast!
A special day to share? Don't side with him,
he'll be surprised! My pants yo, just raise
your stop faster than you care about.
Last day at my son's room with pulling out.
Keep your eyes on someone who rides.

For him tomorrow I shart :/ dangerous as it is
on the road on the...road. Ahh, thunder,
especially turning corners and OFF your don't.
Follow too a motocycle, please, the clinic.
The balloons and streamers look twice before
a drive repost. SHARE closely, bikes can be heading
to Racine CELL phones! If the ROAD you disabled for
...can't tell you I am not -- I am SUPERabled.

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