Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I am father to the brave microwave

When all thought is good, how a need grows!
This is going great. New grief did the guy my way.
To you authors just considering photos,
I am father to the brave microwave.
She knows who I look to, Taco Bell new theory.

Miss Possible Amazon is the cutest disapproval running, judging.
Prepare, going like you look against the bed.
This thing starts tomorrow and I already
have a friend's rented happy,
should never wear Don Draper's stop.

Can't busy baby Wirch sleep?

This is good, is for the hour.
I am all-day adorable, five o'clock morning.
Buy shorts, sneezing a weak Milwaukee hooka,
hoping that and that.

Will our leftovers just shadow someone?

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