Thursday, July 21, 2011

In the scotch grandma

People! Someone! Hey, anyone!
I just will fire a free thanks told by a douchebag
who will endure feather letters if by today you're Wilsons.
I went to Eagle One sleeping.
I need coffee then, to feel I've gone.
This, like my damn burger dad and me,
is lakefront for those never having tea,
something really wearing a can.
Storm going from brave special knit
with my wee rolling cap that do to me
who I nip during storm.
To nothing of want today,
to else in the scotch grandma.
Possibly heard good 104 update.
Please schmooze-o-rama morning degree,
follow any world through weather.
Their excuse of exactly that hair,
stood for what Katie on Milaukee from Facebook.
Crap my rest. End of tonight, drinking thermometer life,
got read before tonight, scared.
I stayed at disapproval statuses inside
and you like the car, so wear this time
the real-woman shorts. I always
keep at the cutest guy, to have every lakefront thing.

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