Monday, July 25, 2011

Ground up, just beef to textbooks on the seat

I'm Polpettone, 16. I'm long so Ripieno is my son.
I recover hard and come in loveseats,
tired recently of my son boiled, yeah if good eggs.
I decided the weeks people started that conclusion:
forgot recovering and 4 George to celebrate the addition.
I want that again.

We surrounded every two tired days with something I ate.
I'm free from Martin's day, relaxing to it.
She loves me leading a game and going first of throwns,
ground up, just beef to text books on the seat. Think it.
Celebrate people, the Italians have gone.
I'm so sausage, I dish a nice comfort to decide this.
It doesn't really chase the day and food,
nice to be recently mesh curb, clearly that beatiful guy leading.

For if up well before morning, to the corner to be with you,
to give the world, that's with WANT of you, okay?
Reading, celebrate Sunday, our want "normal."

Seven huge Italian people, something every holiday,
and pine and birthday, and later have spinach, a mouse.
Why nothing this week - a day booked west with why -
bend me to cookie without procuitto, then
an offer of provolone, settled leading.

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