Monday, October 15, 2012

From her thong to the risk of birthday wind

I swear: fuck you.
We are popping today, homesick for atheists.
God cursed Facebook for cooking Missouri's Jesus.
Music suggests I might tell a friend “It is what you say that matters.”
In an interview, local news reporters described love,
highlighting reckless attacks in our hometowns.
Playing the young lady, I believe these adjectives sound like
Nuclear devastation. Convince me otherwise.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Nice Change

OK, I'm a nice change from great “American” holidays,
A pretty classical celebration, not funny at all.
A person, a man, a little boy poking out of the cold weather,
thinks about biscuits and gravy on my head.
But it's not funny.

I'm positive God kicks the crap out of Columbus
For haunting slaughterhouses.
I hear natives raped, tortured, and killed on the radio.
Happy Doom Day, everyone!

Isn't it great to fall behind and face the morons
Who didn't find enough love?
If they had such a ginormous wedding venue, I want to think
this civil union of two friends put our differences aside.
To finance the pile and new additions, dictators stayed with
wonderful, nice young men, meeting again in the hardware store.

And the dungeon was amazing. A great ten days followed by
Early dinner, one piece of a gas leak.
Now it's time to shower.
The mania they threw him in rocked past logic.

Sometimes we have to accomplish an expedition,
a bigger goal, deal out a few hours to ready a busy day.
Please look, keep leafing through what you follow,
and get this studied.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

An Unofficial Message

They say that weird people ruin God,
Like underneath they play twisted ways.
I know a few of us look at all that bullshit,
And realize if everyone would question the past,
It would stir up such a hunger.

A bunch of yesterdays cannot leave you satisfied.
No heat can open the future.
On our turf, the celebration is difficult to bottle.
It is that wine on my brain knitting words
In my heart tonight.

Things made into responsibilities let work get better.
Throw something in your life,
Like water, coffee, or history.
Finally wear out carpet flags in the Chicago apartment,
Taste every terrible interaction,
And don't ask about official messages on Sundays.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cutting Quantum Tattoos


Having police for last night's clusterfluff
was not connected with pickles.
A black kitty watched the pussy eat.
Off the first debate, this guy worth dying for
leaped around the place.

Today, I love tonight, reading holy fire,
Thinking of the man whole,
Ways to go to rehab.
Milwaukee casts Hulu on Mt. Pleasant and
You know the constitution of love.

The department of small steps picked
Franklin to do the script.
I'm cutting quantum tattoos,
Running with Rudolph and Romney,
Pissed off and interested.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Night of Whiskey and Love

I was Mary and (with other additions)
the best on the Pumpkin Patch.
I was told Tim seriously likes that race between
wedding and roof.
October is a first hayride, atmospheric Fanfare,
inactive debate.

Tonight, windows take my Detroit and poise,
rouse from ancient slumber.
I find a companion, one of the best.
I do it on a Cthulhu horror movie.

This is where Little Z and I see it,
love deleted for practicing with guys.
Seven “friends” could prepare a great night
to surpass what I am to do.
Sure, I don't know if Ohio, with everyone in my style,
likes” her.

It's 2012, Tina Fey is most likely to tell you
Romney's jokes and I hate being awesome.