Monday, October 8, 2012

A Nice Change

OK, I'm a nice change from great “American” holidays,
A pretty classical celebration, not funny at all.
A person, a man, a little boy poking out of the cold weather,
thinks about biscuits and gravy on my head.
But it's not funny.

I'm positive God kicks the crap out of Columbus
For haunting slaughterhouses.
I hear natives raped, tortured, and killed on the radio.
Happy Doom Day, everyone!

Isn't it great to fall behind and face the morons
Who didn't find enough love?
If they had such a ginormous wedding venue, I want to think
this civil union of two friends put our differences aside.
To finance the pile and new additions, dictators stayed with
wonderful, nice young men, meeting again in the hardware store.

And the dungeon was amazing. A great ten days followed by
Early dinner, one piece of a gas leak.
Now it's time to shower.
The mania they threw him in rocked past logic.

Sometimes we have to accomplish an expedition,
a bigger goal, deal out a few hours to ready a busy day.
Please look, keep leafing through what you follow,
and get this studied.

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