Monday, March 28, 2011

On the Lunatic Cycle

The word “lunatic” is closely related to “lunar” and the cycles of the moon. Think werewolves, my friend. The movement of the moon, particularly its gravitational pull upon the tides, and how full it appears in the evening sky. And why is it that a woman's menstrual cycle often coincides with the cycles of the moon?

Two women in close proximity to one another are more likely to have similar menstrual cycles. It doesn't matter if they are related or good friends to one another or have any real connection. Just that they spend a large amount of time together. They start cycling at the same time.

There are so many kinds of cycles that relate or seem to relate to one another. It has been considered by some that other cycles might be connected. Like the cycles of bipolar disorder, people who get on the same ups and downs at the same times. Maybe we are more connected than we will admit, more than we want to be. Because if we admit these connections, it is harder for us to maintain distance from our enemies.

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