Sunday, March 13, 2011

Damn words doing well

What do you say when you can't find the words to describe what you want to say? I've had these moments more frequently in the past few weeks. As I wrote once, it's sad when a poet can't find her words.

This time, though, I don't think its sad. Not really. It just means what I have experienced is so intense that words can't explain it. For me, it is ususally emotion. This intense, ridiculous type of emotion like bliss, euphoria, satiation, ellation - or the other end - rage, agitation, passion, irritation.

All of them are two sides of one coin and I wish I could just glide along the edge of that dime. Then I would be just fine, between the extremes. And then maybe I would have the words to say exactly what I mean.

Allow me to share an anecdote:
I went through a phase when I was a grammar Nazi toward everyone - even myself. When people would casually ask me "How are you?" I would spend time contemplating the most appropriate response. "Fine" didn't work for me because you can't "do fine." What I came up with was "well."

But then they would stare at me because they expected "fine," and they definitely didn't expect the pause before I answered with "well". Damn words. They build me up just to watch me fall.



  1. If anyone looked at me funny for saying "I'm doing well." I would laugh at them.

  2. The right words make all the difference. It is certainly useful to keep the initial answer to no more than a few words, just to gauge the interest of the asker, but make sure they have an idea what your situation is. If they show that they ...really want to know what's up, you can go into actual detail. If they appear to be feigning attention, you can put them at ease and not bother them with your happiness or problems. Of course, if you don't want anyone to pry, you can use the same tactic.
    Although it is fun from time to time to mess with people a little bit, deriving joy from the quizzical looks on others' faces, don't readily dismiss the genuine concern of your friends.


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