Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A friend's bush full of futsal

Dear Zynga, fix yesterday. It is easier, whenever I start.
I now own a tough day, a construction project.
The huz is out of  the awesome ZUMBA gold.
Why should I? Apparently, in reading up on my son, I must ask
Please! Is this for 10 days? I have been here now.
"I'm not going as Yusuf...just as Cat Stevens."
Couldn't find a completed manuscript.

Farmville, STOP judging out-of-town work from home.
I think to save just 3 facts.
Office people are very Sims Social...I tiptoe through life.
The widely stateside is real good, as ever.
Listening to him only to arrive was my favorite,
A piece of myself, "what would punchable faces have to trim?"
And Mom is in the car, safely at death HAVING QUESTS!!
The 12-0 Packers, unknown int'l sport,
A friend's bush full of futsal till due date.

Waiting for a long job today, so live by donating.
Fruit snacks are always a first.
To understand Imhotep, do time, enjoy being home
Doing blood like crack. SQUEEE! Tribal belly dance -
Time for everything. Are we going? When we're in, back to basics,
In heaven, some hot mess Barbie on her way lately, playing Lexulous.

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