Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Naked people have little or no influence

Finishing my cup of coffee
(indicates the table where the volunteers sit
with the large books of names).
Anyone else notice that regressives are all doom and gloom?
then heading out to the farmer's market.
Me: "but it's not required" BEST ROOMIE EVER
They prey on people's fears like late-night commercials
for weight loss and boner pills.

Does anyone agree with me that the bookstore stinks?
I'm in a very good mood for them,
him: "" That's why I'm gonna be
buying my books from Amazon this year.

Ok, create your own homemande pizza,
pots & pans, starting August 22 pizza crusts
& a tea kettle will be on sale at SuperValue.
And I kind of feel like sharing me:
"So you DON'T need it." The sky is always falling.

Don't have to shove my $$$ down a toilet
now that I am partially moved in and more stuff gathered,
makes it a million times.
Clothes make the man. Him: ""
And they only seem to celebrate when they "win" elections
or take away the rights of some group
or another on 80th Street.
Naked people have little or no influence in society.

Me: "no." Don't have to stand in line for
you know 'bout an hour...
Here is my updated need list in Kenosha.
Just had a conversation with a poll worker:
"For Jesus" says Oatmeal Lake 2011.
Living room chair is here!
If you're parting with any of these items,
anyone heard about the new gold's gym that's coming?
Decided to be a "rebel" elderly gentleman volunteer:
"...and we'll need to see an ID."

Why is depressing paranoia so popular?
Bookcase/shelves let me know I'm thinking of joining.
Some people couldn't do my job and instead
of calling to complain about service,
my son had a dentist's appointment yesterday.
Me: "you'll NEED to see it?" Lamps.

Yesterday I lost my gym membership to razor
and now I'm looking at options,
working with the families I work with,
did the opposite and is always *really* nervous.
Him: "well, it'll make things go a lot faster up there."
A microwave saw the Three Mile Island
cooling towers this morning
who care so much for their kids.

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