Monday, August 29, 2011

Your Decision

I feel myself slipping, my feet sliding under sand.
Your hands reach out to steady me before I fall too far.
You warned me. I can't count how many times you warned me.
But the current is dragging me away, pulling.
I want to swim. I want to prove to you that I can swim
with or without you holding my hand.

I still feel high on moonlit dancing.
That night we waded, out under a million dark stars.
Our white skin glistened like rocks so easily broken,
Specks of sand clinging to our naked legs and arms.
I wonder now if you are still listening.

A song started in my heart.
It beats double-time against my ribs.
In my every waking moment, I hear it singing,
And it calls me back to the water,
To wash away the salt of my tears.

I never knew the definition of lonely,
Until you dug a hole in me so deep
It can never be filled again.

I hold this, our secret,
Though everyone can see it
In the hunger on our lips.
I walk into the water, the waves lifting my skirts,
The current catching me up in turbulence,
My hair wild in the wind.

The decision is yours.
Will you rescue me?

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