Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Corporate Jargon and Acronyms

If you have ever worked in a corporate office, you are most likely familiar with corporate-speak. When I worked in the communications department, I was inundated with it. It clogged my pores and leaked from my mouth like bad b.o. Anyone outside of work had no idea what I was talking about. Half the time, even I had lost all recollection of what the various catch phrases and terms actually referred to. They just sounded sophisticated and occasionally ridiculous. Some of the ones I remember are "consumerology" and "tooj."

Now I have been plunked down into tech services where on a day-to-day basis I deal more with numbers than with words. Given my background, however, I get selected for fun projects now and again. Most recently, my superviser has given me leeway to develop some acronyms. Admittedly, I am not a fan of the acronym. If anything, it is a highly contrived play on words that reminds me of early poems I wrote with my name - Kooky Amazing Intelligent Talented Likable Yearning Nut.

In a spurt of inspiration, I suddenly could only come up with acronyms that were utterly inappropriate for the workplace. They included PINT, SPAM, SPIT, PIMP and PORN. I moved from these to better alternatives: PIT, PART, PAC, SPARC, POP and POINT. I still did not find any of these particularly appealing, but my boss was pleased with the results. Good thing I don't work in marketing.

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