Monday, November 14, 2011

Slaughtered by grilled cheese and weeds

Come in to assemble a bookshelf too big for me to read.

I just lost. Oh coffee – don’t splash me.

Watch tonight’s Packers/Vikings game. Or fail me now and hate football.

The game totally found an “everything that annoys you” mode.

Was feeling all artist statement for working again tonight.

Dishes and dinner, pants that fit, just sitting down to eat.

Top-chef like, grinding, watching the game, did laundry,

Getting into the can’t, doing it because they’re human.

Find the gay time four months ago and we’re all a touch of the same.

I’m going to really enjoy playing with person artforms, with war.

Sea salt, ya dig?

I will give sometimes the world as a Christmas present

Or less than maybe someone’s several dollars.

5 hours, the time anyone wants to feel way too big.

Come over and the recall will begin to help me.

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