Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We both share at least one god

Got bad news: two cats or one Katie bashed his plans.
Not much is going right. What say you?
I'm liking this one thing: his 2010 campaign.

With you in mind, CNN's Dana leveraged his increasing support.
After his second-place finish, he has what it takes to love.
The best so far was bringing Illinois and Wisconsin together now.

It's so nice that you're proud of me.
For me, people of Bookface, I am doing everything for me.
Love and miss you. Got an exclusive interview moving forward.

Sis, go to South Carolina and plan to spend all day outside.
In New Hampshire, be the Replublican nominee.
One at a time love you, Madeline.

Reek of sophistication. I mean there is nothing wrong with that.
For the life of me, that shit's sexy.
Our route, 4.2 miles. Woot!

Rest in peace with Rep. Ron Paul. Tell us if you think in the snow.
Last night, the mixed reports about Gov. Walker eventually died.
His team is being caught on this issue.

We share the same commonality: sharing updates.
We both have at least one god.
Did the official Google map of us.

Criminal governors finally took the time to educate the public.
I don't know why they would have such a strong aversion.
Venereal diseases have to get musical education.

Cheri, Megan, Erika, et. al. turn out ass cheek tattoos.
Add femininity, a lower back/ass tattoo, call it a "tramp stamp."
I wonder if Corretta had one.

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