Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lobster sticks to magnet!

Did the tanning bed thing for the first time at the gym today and now I am a lobster, which makes me think of all things lobster. My brain likes to run with a train of thought until it crashes or falls off the track. Recently started working at Red Lobster also, and my boyfriend showed me an internet video - "Lobster Sticks to Magnet."

Sometimes I think I should post about all the memes and random pop culture things I don't understand. Problem is most of them are old and I seem to be the only one out of the loop. Case in point: recently learned the origins of "sad panda" (hint: Southpark).

But does this "lobster sticks to magnet" have any basis in reality? Not really. Of course, lobsters don't stick to magnets because they are not made of metal - at least they shouldn't be. However, lobsters navigate by use of magnetism, using the earth's magnetic field as a compass.

Yay, I learned something?

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