Friday, May 14, 2010

Cool beans (taste good!)

A phrase I use often is "cool beans." It definitely has some cheese factor, but it is just more descriptive than the over-used "cool." I also use other random phrases like "I come bearing gifts" and "hark, who goes there?" but we'll save those for another time. I'm pretty sure those two are quotes...from something.

According to a, "cool beans" originated in the pop culture vernacular sometime in the '70's. The exact origin, however, is unclear. Apparently one of the characters on Full House (very likely Stephanie) used the phrase ad nauseum. Given that I watched the show all the time during my formative childhood years, it is probable that is where I picked it up.

On a side note, cool beans (literal beans I'm talking about here) taste really good. I always eat baked beans straight from the can, and they actually taste funny to me if they've been heated up. I used to tell my mom that if I was ever homeless I would just eat Bush's baked beans all the time, because I wouldn't even need a microwave to warm them. Of course, I would need a can opener.

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