Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Office space is a verb

I love it when nouns become verbs in everyday usage. What I love even more is when pop culture words or phrases pop into everyday usage - as long as I know the reference. It's like having a little inside joke - that only people who know the reference can understand.

In high school it was "this one band camp..." Sadly, it wasn't until I was in college that I finally watched American Pie and got the story behind that one. And I was in band. And I played the flute. You see the dilemma. At least I never went to summer band camp.

At work the other day, one of the other managers asked if he could "Office Space the microwave." The only thing I could think was "when did Office Space become a verb?" He wanted to throw the microwave (which no longer works) from the roof. Sounded like fun to me! Of course, that could definitely leed to a lawsuit or two if you were to hit a customer.


  1. Tell me you at least understood what was meant by the "office space"ing the microwave.

    And my personal favorite is that Google has officially been in accepted into the dictionary as a verb.

  2. Yes, I did catch the meaning of "office space" in regards to the microwave. Unfortunately, there are still other movie references that have gone over my head in the past few months, though. I should really start jotting those down.


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