Friday, June 3, 2011

Storming Echo Boomers

I won't claim that it is a new term, but it is a new term to me at least: echo boomer. And this is important because apparantly I am one. I just like the sound of it - like I'm some sort of thunder cloud descending ominously from the sky. Described as the children of the baby boomers, echo boomers are also the generation born to use computers. \

While I can vividly remember the days of dial-up, floppy disks, and yes...gasp...beepers, the computer has definitely been a mainstay in my life. At the same time, I have plead technology defiiciency on many occassions and was once well-acquainted with what I called The Blue Screen of Death. Do you remember that? It was horrible! The whole computer would just crash - telling you that you had committed some aggregious error that simply could not be fixed unless you rebooted the entire system. It usually meant the end of computer usage for that day, if not the next week.

Years later, when error messages had shrunk to little warnings you could just click off of and largely ignore, I would still pick up viruses by accidentally downloading things or opening the wrong windows. Is it any wonder that computer geeks have always proven attractive to me? If nothing else, they definitely earn their keep and quickly. Over time, I have gotten better at not breaking the technology around me - and on rare occasions even troubleshooting. But you won't see me boasting about it.

My most recent frustration? When I realised that all I had to do to print from my laptop was plug the printer directly into it. It took me two months to figure out that fix!

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