Friday, November 30, 2012

Learning Where to Eat

Learning How to Eat like Julia Child

Holy Christmas tree,
I love my hand, who I met on pilgrimage
Visiting these places,
And I actually fit in because being a lezzy is
Called the fun theory.

Edible friends are awesome
If they sleep in, gargle garlic, and try everything.
The prostate is clean and happy.
Amazing people affected by poetry say last night
Will just go down, full of win.

Rudolph, needless drivel, and balls
Are mission impossible,
Closing to all my pissed-off requests.
I’m sick of seeing
Toothaches, you, that gallery, coffee cups,
Watching hydrogen peroxide genocide.

My mixed threads, bogged down by Scotland,
Don’t put up with fiercely hammering your
Bacon on my cheek. Some might say
Home is learning where to eat.

* Note: This poem was constructed by rearranging the words in Facebook status posts. The picture was the first image that appeared in a search for "Learning Where to Eat."

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