Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After the Election

A fabulous man had super powers,
Meat candy, and wine.
I always knew Obama trusted
Drinking, fucking, and breathing.

Mr. President, a few people
Watch the results, trust news organizations,
Love Facebook.
You are just another word for bacon.

So happy the best projections say
A woman and a lesbian, Tammy Baldwin,
Is probably coming or going down right now
With such integrity.

What I'm seeing is like a fart
Accidentally using feedback,
Sighing relief today.

Election's over.
The people polling in Wisconsin
Post anything political on Facebook,
Vote for the rarest large mammal in the world.

The pimp is president, calling me: hey, hey!
I usually don't get sleepy, but right now
I must not be doing projections.
Obama, walk out, give your speech,
Drop the mic!

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