Monday, March 22, 2010

Am I a hipster?

After hearing one of my friends talk extensively about hipsters, without ever really being able to define them, I sought out definitions of my own. And it seems like I know a lot of hipsters. But then the fear arose. Am I a hipster? I do share some of the qualities…some of the characteristics. So I took inventory.

1. Wears thrift store clothes. Yes.
2. Listens to alternative rock. Yes.
3. Listens to indie rock. Sometimes.
4. Listens to alternative hip-hop. Sometimes.
5. Watches independent films. Yes
6. Has shaggy, metrosexual hair. Kind of.
7. Drinks local or home-brewed beer. No.
8. Smokes cheap cigarettes. No.
9. Has a liberal arts degree. Yes.
10. Hangs out in coffee houses. Yes.
11. Excessively drops names. No.
12. Eats organic, locally grown, vegetarian or vegan food. Sometimes.
13. Listens to public radio. Yes.
14. Rides a fixed-gear bicycle. No.
15. Does not want to be called a hipster. Yes.

So the verdict? I score a 9/15 on the hipster scale, (with sometimes and maybes counted as a half point) which is slightly more hipster than the average person. What’s your score?

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