Thursday, February 9, 2012

(blank of course)

In 1972, a green town I love choked
on the mist of an economic equilibrium.
It deteriorated under awesome chocolate
shared with the Joker.
We destroyed the Gotham hierarchy.

A person digging for the prison
by a good, all-time favorite (aw yeah!)
went to military court for a good night in Washington.

Many people remember the doctor
told them to take doggie greeting cards
and send them to the debate.
I finally got well after this diagnosis:
crack commando unit.
Thursday afternoon is a lovely time for life.

At a gay marraige, frozen watermelon
created complete chaos (blank of course).

Hoping for a god who sits still is like
singing to a fallen soldier with swollen cheeks.
The Decemberists ordered sinus infections.
If I walk to the tavern in Waukegan,
an open mic still surrounds that sound.

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