Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First black man on my shuffle

Officially employed again.
I love love love very interesting and little-known Black History.
Happy birthday Jessica!
When the track sung by the Bangles
made it out best, this chicken could cause a wreck.
Fact...Jasper Honeycutt pops up on this recipe.
OUCH!! I'm one year away from gorgeous.
Homer: "Mmmm...Donuts!"
In bed, taking bondage photos.
A paradigm shift - first black man on my shuffle.
I just wanted to limit my statuses.
Too old today for a walk.
Two teachers were by the lake today, editing photos.
Here's the entire outdoor lewd act with my little lady.
To put it on children, I just got a 2FL article
until I am arrested this week for a friend.
Step 2. Eliminate requests from the cast of Twilight.
Now, let's go. It was about 3 episodes, it seems,
since I cried about what I'm celebrating.
Halftime with Madonna on something. Say thank you
with accusations of thinking about you.
Step 1. Highlight this week's American Life.
Track down that moment.
I was due to reflect on NCIS.
Doing the 200th episode, taking a look.

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