Thursday, April 5, 2012

An MRI running a memory

Glucose syrup makes parents come to burn.
Here is this, I have a candle.
The dresser with my baby will be in next week's breaking news.

But it's me, Katrina.
Have mercy on my hair.
The beautician tells me her highest moment.
This is a far cry from chillaxin, alright guys?

Looking sick for a jumpy tomorrow.
Check out these nice sheets.

On this year's event page, wear the fancy jealousy.
Exclusive first-look photos of Vincent flirting.
Brittany is giving lingerie to every woman.

Mow the lawn message for Obama.
Trouvaille du jour: a free portrait.

An MRI running a memory
Of your pet prison for shooting him
And one of cognitive at Montreal.

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