Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's have text sex!

Like anyone else, I love me my computer connectivity. I also, however, have learned to SHUT IT OFF and engage in conversation with REAL LIVE PEOPLE once in a while. A friend of mine insists upon text-messaging as his sole means of communication. I didn't mind it so much when I am busy - or when I'm supposed to be busy - like working third shift or whatnot. But when I want a real conversation with him, it's a little bit annoying.

The other day, when I called him instead of sending him a text message, I think I caught him a little off guard. To him, that must be like leaving my house to show up at his door unannounced. And via text message it seems like we only have the sort of social off-handed conversations that mere acquaintances share. But maybe that's the type of distance he is comfortable with.

Now, what gets ridiculous is when you're having text sex - without pictures. Talk about distance.

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