Saturday, January 1, 2011

Kenosha Poet Laureate

The Kenosha Public Library will be choosing a local poet to serve as the Poet Laureate of Kenosha and yours truly is applying for the position. In the course of the next two weeks, I will post the poems I plan to include in my portfolio. Among them are Cussing at the Crossroads and Doctoring, both of which have both appeared in this blog within the last month.

I will offer a brief explanation/synopsis/commentary on each poem, but I would like to get some feedback on these if you will indulge me. Afterall, if my friends don't like these poems (and they should)), how can I expect to impress a panel of judges?

So, without any further ado, the first poem in this series:

This is one of my more philosophical poems, writen in prose form without traditional line breaks. The rough draft was written before punching in for work at Walgreens.

Learning to Share

Trap happiness in a jar like a butterfly, but know that the longer you hold it there, the more quickly it will die. It must fly free, lighting upon each flower for only an instant. It must pollinate the entire population.

Happiness is not yours to hoard.

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